Member Name rc|-ama-
Position Match Organizer
Description You cannnot stop the rape of aMa.
AIM CO ama tron
Member Name rc|-byonic-
Position Match/Scrim Organizer
Description Wicked player from cali who likes to smoke lots of weed
AIM I3yonic
Member Name rc|-empy-
Position In-game Leader
Description He came crawling back... to beat your ass.
AIM My Empyrean
Member Name rc|-fully-
Position In-game Leader
Description A CS bum that can kick ass
AIM FrickinLoser
Member Name rc|-addy-
Position Recruiting leader
Description The Angel of death, the harbringer of deafeat and darkness.
AIM unc0473
Member Name rc|-divine-
Position FWH Scheduler/webdesign
Description Really good at ripping through people
Member Name rc|-abbey-ale-
Position Soldier
Description KICK ASS rusher..
AIM n/a
Member Name rc|-flux-
Position Soldier
Description One of our best, especially in matches.
Member Name rc|-chew-
Position Strats
Description Owns a server.
Member Name rc|-engy-
Position Soldier
Description He's so good you'd think hes h4x
AIM porky6k
Member Name rc|-mt-
Position Soldier
Description Smart Ass
AIM n/a
Member Name rc|-andy-
Position Soldier
Description Put your knife away
AIM n/a
Member Name rc|-infect-
Position Soldier
Description Ouch!.
AIM n/a
Member Name rc|-majestic-
Position Soldier
Description Magical
AIM calvindawg69


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